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MFCS: Mobile Fuel Consumption System

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One of the most misappropriated commodities at any project site is fuel. In 2008, it was estimated that the total cost of fuel theft in the US is around $8 billion annually. Whether it is being stored, dispensed to vehicles or generators, or moved from tank to tank, the chance of waste and theft is eminent. Mobile Fuel Consumption System (MFCS) is CCT’s flagship solution, specialized in controlling fuel inventory both in the field and office. Without such technologies, fuel usage waste and theft is hard to manage and control.

In the field, MFCS offer's users a simple, user friendly interface which runs on several heavy-duty handheld Windows Mobile® devices such as the Motorola® MC65 (sold separately). MFCS reduces the day to day manual entries which fuel inventory staff and operators typically do, by using built-in barcode and RFID technology synchronized with an online application designed to manage and report consumption by various means, and on various platforms.

Back in the office, MFCS allows users to access this role-based application and its advanced reporting tools. In addition to the standard user interface, MFCS can be integrated with any ERP system to replicate fuel data collected with the ERP's costing systems. MFCS is also offered as a web-based system accessible from any location, and without the need to install any software.

Features and Benefits 

  • Control fuel and allow only authorized vehicles to get dispensed.
  • Replace paper-based manual entry with mobile barcode technology (optionally extendable to RFID).

  • Minimize data entry hence lowering chance of fraud or human errors.

    Reduce time capturing information in the field.

  • Reconcile vehicle and driver information with fuel dispensed and consumed.
  • Easy to allocate fuel costs to project or department costs by fleet, vehicle ID, driver, etc.     


Product Description

MFCS is an Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology (AIDC) that is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile. At the core of MFCS the system accounts and reconciles the vehicle or equipment consuming fuel, with the assets dispensing and storing. 

Step 1: Delivery of Fuel





When fuel is delivered to storage tanks, data is manually fed into MFCS by authorized Fillers via the use of a tank gauging system. MFCS then validates the delivery details by checking them against pre-set orders, thus ensuring that fuel quantities and subsequently revenues are controlled and match expectations.

Step 2: Authenticate and Check





MFCS authenticates vehicles and equipment requiring refueling by checking their IDs against an authorization database. The IDs could be assigned and tagged according to locomotive classes and categories, or simply to vehicle registration numbers.

MFCS also allows checking of drivers’ ID badges and signatures for authenticity and security. This can be done manually or automatically (by capturing ID badges using various data scanning technology such as barcodes).

Step 3: Fuel Dispensing to Fleet and/or Equipment






At fueling, a Filler uses MFCS to automatically meter and regulate the quantity supplied to a vehicle or equipment.
In addition to monitoring fleet activity, MFCS also maintains records of pumps used to dispense fuel. These records include the location of the pump, time and date the fuel was dispensed, and by whom it was dispensed.

Step 4: Manage and Report








MFCS’s Fuel Management Interface gives customer the ability to :

  • Monitor and check availability of fleets and equipment information; latest mileage reading, history, and eligibility.
  • Allocate fuel consumption and expenses for job costing.
  • Improve driver accountability and fueling personnel productivity.
  • Detect risky points where shrinkage may occur.




MFCS Reporting Engine:

  • Provides detailed fuel consumption information for each operating fleet/equipment by year, month,day, time, or transaction.
  • Offers validation and statistical reports
  • Customizable for the needs of the project and/or customer



Windows Mobile is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Motorola MC65 is product of Motorola Solutions Inc.

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