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iRecruit: Social Recruitment System


Finding the right candidates under tight mobilization deadlines is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. It is time consuming, unorganized and an unguaranteed process. iRecruit is designed to uncover the needle with a powerful solution that combines a highly user friendly interface with a particular focus on security, relevance and performance. Designed to fit mega companies diversified nature, iRecruit  represents a huge leap in the recruitment process allowing indexing, searching and reviewing from one single portal against iRecruit Careers site; as well as existing CV repositories scattered over multiple countries and geographical areas. iRecruit embraces a workflow based solution that offers a full coverage of the talent acquisition process. . iRecruit solution extends to cover creating and implementing a social media strategy for companies. This can be achieved by benefitting from the striking success achieved in CCC which covers LinkedIn Recruiter implementation and recruitment branding throughout social media.

iRecruit offers AEC's the benefits of: 

•Lower Costs:

–Cloud-based, secure solution means no investment in hardware, software, databases and no need for upgrades!

–Less recruitment man-hours are needed searching, posting jobs and waiting for requestors to review candidates

–Team-room collaboration driven concept to transfer requisition and review load from Recruitment department to Requestor

–Lower losses due to disorganized recruitment websites or recruitment methods

•Higher Turn Around

–50,000 new CV’s in 15 months

–Recruitment cycle 40% faster

–Higher job retention due to social branding support

–Faster sharing of CV’s and candidate reviews as the email-and-wait process is almost completely eliminated.

 Available on the Cloud!


Careers Portal

iRecruit is the Cloud based product for all your recruitment needs. Through the user friendly, customizable career portal, candidates will no longer have to hand over or email their CVs as the online process will facilitate the entire procedure of applying for jobs from any geographical area. Furthermore, through its powerful search capabilities and smooth display results employers will save time finding the proper candidate for a certain position. It is of mutual benefit for both applicants and employer.


Job Requisition Workflow

iRecruit provides a platform that allow users a simplistic implementation process to run their daily recruitment activities smoothly and in a more effective way. The workflow extends to cover automated offer generation based on company specifications.

The flow of activity for the job requisition process requires three easy steps:


1. A position requestor from the stakeholder (HR, Projects Departments, etc.) fills a simple requisition form which posts the job to the Careers portal, as well as on the Company's social media sites. The requisition process contains a workflow which enables users to select who handles the process, reviews CVs and decides on the suitable position.

2. A collaboration team-room can then be set up for the HR, Recruiters or Requestors to select CVs which fit the Job Description in the requisition.

3. Nominated CV's are then reviewed and rated.



Recruiter's Site: Google Powered CV Search

The CV Search Site is the Recruiter's secure portal based on CCT's award winning VBC document management system and Google's GSA (Google Search Appliance) to allow recruiters to index and search profiles and resumes by fields relevant to Recruiters. In additional results are sent back in a form which allows Recruiters to immediately identify key information such as the name, location, title, experience, etc. of each CV identified in the search. It is accessible from any location in the world at any given time. In addition, the solution comprises a rating module where both recruiters and functional or line managers can review, rate and share comments on CVs thus covering the CV screening process.


In addition the Google empowered architecture allows for companies who have CV's collected from adhoc sources such as emails, websites, recruitment pages, etc. to index them and add them to IRecruit at anytime. 



Google™ Search Appliance


Social Recruitment

Social media is gaining momentum all the time and there are a lot of different options for an employer to take advantage of. It can be a great and helpful source for discovering passive candidates - those who are employed but ‘open’ to changing jobs for the right opportunity – who represent nearly half of all currently employed talent. Because the desired opportunities rarely exist on job boards, and job seekers are participating in communities all over the web sites (like LinkedIn, for example), social media can become a fascinating place for us to find talent that they may not be able to find otherwise. With iRecruit, we simplify this process even further by first identifying this talent and then connecting with this talent to suggest those candidates.

With LinkedIn and iRecruit the process has become easier and more powerful. We now have the correct tools to attract the right talent with skills and qualifications required for our vacancies.


Reporting Applicant Statistics

IRecruit includes several dashboards and reports to allow recruiters and HR management to have live reports over the statuses of job requests, profiles captured and overall applicant statisitics (countries, skillsets, profiles, etc). Since we believe busienss intelligence is an essential part of social recruitment, the reporting module is included as part of the standard offering.


Consolidated Contractors Company Case Study

Business Challenge

In 2011, CCC’s management mandated that the company automate their recruitment process. The initiative was kicked off with the development of iRecruit, an in-house system to manage all talent acquisition related activities into one solution. The company also needed to move from a reactive approach to recruitment and be proactive in managing hiring needs and particularly build a strong talent pipeline. More importantly, with growing access to the internet, talent in the Arab world was increasingly becoming accessible online which is what led CCC to LinkedIn; the largest professional network in the world with over 200 million profiles. CCC managed to be one of the pioneers in the region utilizing the gigantic lead technology for attracting and hiring new employees. Whether it is building a talent pipeline, establishing a strong employer brand or even hiring for difficult to fill positions, LinkedIn has helped manage talent needs.

Read more about how IRecruit benefited CCC on  .


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