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Project inspection planning and execution is one of the most vital activities in any construction project. C3D ATLAS was designed to manage the entire project completion process from the building inspection’s scope of work to manag-ing inspection activities, system walk-downs, and punch lists during each project phase (from start to completion). C3D ATLAS enables users to manage and report on inspection activities using BIM-based interface. C3D ATLAS is used to successfully handover plants, buildings, and infrastructure facilities.

Build Your Scope
C3D ATLAS offers an easy-to-use interface that defines all the required tasks and forms so you can build the inspection scope in different project phases (construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up). System setup starts the definition of the ref-erence data such as project phases, disciplines, categories, tags (process and non-process), and the QC Forms required for handover. Accordingly, Atlas automatically generates the scope of work for inspection. The scope is presented in a hierarchy that shows the different systems, their subsystems, tags, and all ITP/ QC forms required for handover at differ-ent levels of the hierarchy. This ena-bles early definition of the scope of work. Having the scope of work ready, or partially ready, means day-to-day activities (inspections and walk-downs) can start.
Build scopes and raise AFI’s visually
Start Inspecting
Inspections start with the issuing of an Application for Inspection (AFI) . Based on the construction activity at hand, the QC department creates QC inspec-tion forms and selects which team members (inspectors/engineers) will perform and attend the inspection. These professionals are sent the AFI details (date, time, and location) through Atlas’s workflow engine. The inspection results are noted on the generated QC forms which are then signed by the inspection team. Inspec-tion results are entered into C3D ATLAS alongside scanned copies of the forms and their related documents. Lab testing results are also tracked in the system.
Walk-downs to Completion
C3D ATLAS also manages the Walk-down process. The walk-down results, punch-list items, and the observations noted are handed over to the punch-list coordinator. Accordingly, electronic walk-down forms are updated in Atlas with the added advantage of having the scanned walk-down forms with all the required signatures attached.
Room Completion Module 
Fill Forms the Way You Want
In addition to filling inspection findings directly through C3D ATLAS’s user friendly interface, digital pens with specially printed forms can be used for inspections requiring the use of a paper trail. The handwriting on the forms is captured by the digital pen, and automatically extracted and sent to Atlas.
Report and Monitor Progress
C3D ATLAS is preloaded with a rich set of reports that empower project teams and management with monitoring tools that keep them up-to-date. Re-ports show inspection progress and punch-list status (by system, disci-pline, area, etc.). Reports come in vari-ous formats including grid reports, pivot tables, and even interactive dashboards. Progress and punch-list tracking can be monitored interactively in a 3D/BIM based environment.
3D and dashboard based reports


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